"The Privilege of Prayer"
15. Notice the repetition of four ways God speaks to us. (93)
16. Communion with God is two-way. What is our part? (93)
17. Finish the sentence: "Prayer is _________________________________________________________________." (93)
18. What purposes are suggested for prayer? (93)
19. List several reasons Jesus prayed often while on earth. (93, 94)
20. What happens to those who neglect prayer? (94)
21. Prayer is called the __________________ in the hand of faith. Write out the complete sentence. (94, 95)
22. Four conditions of answered prayer are given. List them. (95-97)
23. How does God sometimes answer our prayers when we ask for something that would not be a blessing? (96)
24. How is presumption defined in connection with prayer? (96)
25. Under what circumstance only can we expect mercy and blessing from God when we pray? (97)
26. What do you think the Bible means when it says we are to be "instant in prayer"? See Romans 12:12. (97)
27. What kind of prayer is "the life of the soul"? (98) Why?
28. How did Enoch walk with God? (98, 99) What might we do to walk with God?
29. How might we live as in the atmosphere of heaven? (99)
30. If we keep close to God, what will happen when unexpected trials come? (99, 100)
31. Review the many things God welcomes us to bring to His attention in prayer. (100)
32. How close are the relations between God and each soul? (100)
33. What can take away the subject matter and incentive for prayer? (101)
34. When we neglect association with others in Christian fellowship, how does it affect our Christian experience? (101)
35. When we do associate in Christian fellowship, how is our Christian experience affected? (101, 102)
36. What would happen in our Christian experience if we thought and talked more of Christ? (102)
37. In addition to asking and receiving, what else should our prayers include? (103)
38. In what spirit should we work for the glory of God? (103)
39. What should be the theme of our most joyful emotion? (103, 104)