"A Knowledge of God"
1. In what four ways does God speak to us today? (85 and 87)
2. Why is nature one of the Saviour's most effective ways of teaching us? (85)
3. Make a list of some of the most important lessons we can learn from nature. (85-87)
4. Why does the Christian have an advantage over the poet or the naturalist when studying nature? (87)
5. What special lessons are to be learned from a study of the Bible characters? (87, 88)
6. How can we "eat the flesh and drink the blood" of Christ? (88)
7. What will be the science and song of the redeemed throughout the ages? (88)
8. What will be the positive advantage of study of this subject even now? (89)
9. "The more our __________________ are upon Christ, the more we shall __________________ of Him to others and __________________ Him to the world?" (89)
10. What will be the positive result of our study and meditation on Scripture? (89, 90)
11. What suggestions are offered as to methods of study of the Scriptures? (90, 91)
12. What should precede Bible study? Why? (91)
13. What superhuman help is promised in our study of the Bible? (91)
14. Who is the only effectual teacher of divine truth? (91)