"The Work and the Life"
33. What lessons are to be learned from the ministry of angels? (77)
34. How will love to Jesus be manifested in our actions? (77, 78)
35. What was the "one great object" of Christ's life on earth? (78)
36. What will be seen as the result of the grace of Christ in our lives? (78, 79)
37. How will the effort to bless others react on us? (79)
38. Why did God not permit the preaching of the gospel by angels? (79)
39. List some of the benefits to us of working for others. (80)
40. How only will we grow in grace? (80, 81)
41. What might we learn from Jesus' early years as a carpenter? (81, 82)
42. What important lesson is suggested regarding use of talents in the parable? (82, 83)