13. Review the Scripture descriptions of our natural condition as sinners. (43)
14. What is the greatest battle to be fought? (43)
15. Summarize:
A. Satan's representation of God's government: (43)
B. God's government as it really is:
16. Why does God not force our submission? (43, 44)
17. List some of the idols that might keep us from God. (44)
18. What kind of religion is suggested as "worth nothing"? (44)
19. Rather than asking how little we must give to God, what should be our aim? (45)
20. What answer can be given to those who think it is too great a sacrifice to yield all to Christ? (45)
21. What do we give up when we give "all"? (46)
22. Discuss the statement: "God does not require us to give up anything that it is for our best interest to retain." (46)
23. Does God ask His children to save all joy and happiness for the future? How do you think the Christian can be at peace even in adversity? (46, 47)
24. How do you understand the exercise of the power of choice, or the will? (47)
25. What is the difference between desires for goodness and choosing to be a Christian? (47, 48)