1. According to Proverbs 28:13, we must not only confess our sins, but we are to __________________ them. (37)
2. Why are pilgrimages and penances not useful for sinners? (37)
3. It is suggested we should confess sins to God and faults to one another. What does this mean? (37)
4. What is the first condition of acceptance with God? (37, 38)
5. Finish the following sentence: "The only reason why we do not have remission of sins that are past is __________________________________________________." (38)
6. Confession: How should it be done? How should it not be done? (38)
7. Why should confession be specific, acknowledging particular sins? (38)
8. Discuss the example of Israel's sin and why specific confession had to be made. (38, 39)
9. After confession of sin, what two additional steps must be taken? Discuss Scripture illustrations. (39)
10. Why is it necessary for the sinner to yield to the Holy Spirit in order to correct character defects? (40)
11. How did the sin of Adam and Eve affect their sense of responsibility for their actions? (40)
12. By contrast, what will true repentance lead the sinner to do? (40, 41) Discuss some Bible illustrations.