24. Define repentance. (23)
25. What was wrong with the repentance of Esau and Judas? (23, 24)
26. When the heart is opened to God's Spirit, how is the sinner affected? (24)
27. When David repented, what several things did he pray for? (25)
28. Which comes first--repentance or coming to Jesus? (26)
29. Finish the sentence--"We can no more repent ________________________________________________________." (26)
30. Is it possible to become ashamed of sin without a knowledge of Christ? Be prepared to discuss your answer. (27)
31. What will happen to the sinner who does not resist the love of Christ? (27)
32. Thought question: Have I found in Christ the answer to my craving for something I do not have? If not, why not? (28)
33. What happens when the light from Christ shines into our souls? Discuss the experience of Daniel and Paul. (28, 29)
34. "God does not regard all sins as of equal magnitude; there are degrees of guilt in His estimation, as well as in that of man." What does this mean? Prepare to discuss. (30, 31).
35. Why should we not wait to make ourselves better before coming to Christ? (31)
36. How would you answer the person who suggests that God is too good to destroy sinners? (31, 32)
37. What answer would you give to someone who says, "I am as good as professed Christians?" (32)
38. What are the dangers of procrastination in forsaking sin? (37, 38)
39. How will neglect or rejection of the grace of Christ affect the sinner? (33, 34)
40. What encouragement is offered to those who are tempted to despair regarding their sins? (35, 36)