"The Sinner's Need of Christ"
15. How has sin affected man's mind? (17)
16. Describe the condition of the unrenewed heart. (17)
17. What would heaven be like to an unrepentant sinner? (17, 18)
18. Why are education, culture, the exercise of the will, human effort, not adequate to bring a person to holiness? (18)
19. True or False. To develop the good that exists in man by nature is all that is necessary to be saved. (18, 19)
20. Why is it not enough to know about God? Give Scripture support for your answer. (19)
21. What does the ladder in Jacob's dream represent? (20)
Note also the New Testament application.
22. Make a list of the agencies enlisted in man's behalf to save him. (21)
23. What means does God use to warn us against the service of Satan? (21, 22)