"God's Love for Man"
1. What two important sources testify of God's love? What does each say to us? (9, 10)
2. Even though transgression of God's law has brought woe and death, what might we learn from the curse? (9, 10)
3. How has Satan tried to misrepresent God to sinners? (10, 11)
4. When Jesus came to live among men, how did He represent God? (11)
5. Jesus' work was to "preach the __________________ to the poor, heal the __________________, preach __________________ to the captives, recovering of __________________ to the blind, to set at __________________ them that are bruised." (11)
6. Why did Jesus take man's nature? (12)
7. Why do you think little children were attracted to Jesus? (12)
8. Describe how Jesus corrected or rebuked sin. (12)
9. For what reason did Jesus become a "Man of Sorrows"? (13)
10. What really broke the heart of the Son of God? (13)
11. How are God's love for man and the sacrifice provided really connected? (13)
12. Why was Jesus the only possible sacrifice for sin? (14)
13. Beyond His sacrifice for sinners, how has Jesus connected Himself to the human race? (14)
14. What has Christ done for us beyond the pardon of sins? (15)