"Rejoicing in the Lord"
20. What is meant? "In every one of His children, Jesus sends a letter to the world." (115)
21. How might we delight Satan? (116)
22. What false idea of the religious life does Satan try to present? (116)
23. Review the lessons of Ellen White's dream of a garden with thorns and flowers. (116, 117)
24 . Contrast the effects of reviewing past experiences that have been happy and those that have been disappointing. (117)
25. Consider the parallels drawn between a complaining child and our complaints about our heavenly Father. (118)
26. What double harm is done by talking about doubts? (119)
27. How may we unconsciously influence others for good or bad? (120)
28. Describe the life and character of Christ. (120)
29. Wherever Christ went, what did He carry with Him? (120)
30. Summarize how we should imitate Christ. (120, 121)
31. What will make it impossible for us to love others? (121) How may we learn to love others?
32. What do you think it means to "borrow trouble"? (121, 122)
33. Finish this sentence. "We should not allow the perplexities

__________________________________________________________________." (122)

34. What two suggestions are made for dealing with business difficulties? (122)
35. In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, what lessons in trust in God were learned from the birds? (123)
36. In the same sermon, what lessons did Christ give from the lilies? (124)
37. What are the characteristics of happiness sought from selfish motives? (124)
38. How is the service of God contrasted? (124)
39. What are the "monumental pillars" we are urged to remember? (125)
40. What assurance do we have regarding trials? (125)
41. Review the happy rewards of heaven. (125, 126)